Chef Westcott @ Emilio's St Maarten

Just a quick little shoot at the guest chef evening at Emilios Restaurant on Sint Maarten.
late post due to an obscene amount of work !!! ( i promise you, i am not complaining haha). Some shots from the guest chef evening at the beautiful and iconic @emiliossxm at the bottom of the @rainforestadventuresxm .
i was asked to shoot a few shots of the evening and happily i did ! The food at Emilios is amazing but of course with our very own Dino @dinojagtiani cheffin it up what else can we expect
The guest chef of the evening was Michaelangelo Westcott @chefwescott a brooklyn native with strong carib roots ... he is the owner and chef of the @gypsyapplebistro in MA. The evening was a lovely one. March 10th 2018 .

“i can make anything taste great’. yup. he can :) thank you for letting me intrude your kitchen and getting your portrait. much love !
and thank you Dino for always allowing me to run around with my camera (and for feeding me

Life in Mono (nature)


Fileaway Friday: Big Teeth !

Friday Files... =) gonna try to do some archiving thru my files on fridays.. just an hour a day.. to try to get through all of the back work i have .. from my personal stash. 
Time Management is one of the most difficult things to deal with , as a photographer and wife. but hey.. it's all part of the journey and story =) follow/subscribe to my blog for more of my personal stuff. 

This one was taken in the zoo in Amsterdam, years ago circa 2010. something about big teeth and scales. love it ! =) 

Throwback | One of the first shoots #tbt

Another #throwbackthursday blog post. These are some of the images from one of my first shoots in Amsterdam. The model did her own makeup and we figured out the styling together. A cold fun day outdoors and then later on , some quick test shots in the studio. I took away a very valuable learning experience.  =) circa 2008. Amsterdam.



Sweet Child 'o Mine

My first time shooting with model Annemarije, cool chick, music lover and superb model. 

Model: Annemarije H | MUA/Styling/Photo/Lighting & PP: Sarina Gito

Travel: The view b/t Atlanta & St Maarten

There is one thing i love about traveling and that is cloud gazing. Ever so often while up in the sky in that big metal machine, a moment can be made into magic, looking at the ocean, the tiny presentation of sights larger than your existence. The many islands, discovered or deserted, right there so close and so far away. Such things allow the imagination to run wild. I love it. When i get a chance to take pics of these things, i do so with pleasure =) 

These are a few shots taken on the way to Sint Maarten from Florida... These were taken about an hour away from Sint Maarten. Enjoy. 

 Photography Sarina Gito. Amsterdam. new York. Florida. Sint Maarten
 Photography Sarina Gito. Amsterdam. new York. Florida. Sint Maarten
 Photography Sarina Gito. Amsterdam. new York. Florida. Sint Maarten
 Photography Sarina Gito. Amsterdam. new York. Florida. Sint Maarten
 Photography Sarina Gito. Amsterdam. new York. Florida. Sint Maarten
 Photography Sarina Gito. Amsterdam. new York. Florida. Sint Maarten
 Photography Sarina Gito. Amsterdam. new York. Florida. Sint Maarten

Paint Me with Artist Akeem Adams

We had been wanting to do this for so long.. all the plans and stuff and finally we did it....We shot back in April...finally got around to posting it now. =) Akeem did a great job.... it wasn't easy standing with eyes closed, as he was tempted half the time to open his eyes..but he managed.. and managed well. =)  he's a trooper! =)  And Suzy... being careful to make sure the paint drips the way it should've hehe.. our "paint' director. and our poof creator..  #POOF


After being super careful with all that paint. As we progressed towards the end of our shoot, I decided i wanted something, messy and smudgy because I love how colours mix.. and Akeem being an artist (one who also works with paint) I thought it symbolic and representative of him to have this smeared over his body; a living canvas, if u will.  


I also wanted and felt the need to create something darker. (suprise surprise this is the direction i feel my work going towards) So i asked Akeem to shout for me.. the neighbours must have thought something crazy was going on in  =) but no other way to get a incredibly authentic look of screaming and turmoil other than asking your model/client to scream. As artists, it is as simple as us closing our eyes and picturing something which we love dearly and cannot have, or feeling hidden when we should be shared with the world, or caged when we have wings, or whatever experience(s) an artist goes through which enables him/her to cultivate their creativity/depth/inspirations...
I wanted to create this, to show that with beauty comes darkness; there comes what some would refer to as inner demons. Never suppress what you feel. and imagine that, if you do this kind of stuff, you can get great stock for black and white images =) 


The final image we chose from this series is seen here below.. For this shot we had to get the perfect "poof' ... =) to really get the effect I was going for, I combined 3 different shots and after some hours of brushing, this was what i was happy with. (and when Akeem saw it he was so happy!! i love that kind of reaction. It is why i do what i do and love what i do. =) and it embodies who he is as an artist and individual. *pats self on back*


Akeem Adams, is an incredible person, another character in my life. One of my biggest supporters, Akeem always mentions to me how he feels like i'm a celebrity, =) and i always laugh and say 'Aw Akeem.. and then i blush"  but he's also a very talented artist !! hence the paint shoot. His illustrations, painting and artworks are hauntingly beautiful; they "stay"with you. he uses his own style and vision within each piece and is very passionate about his work. (we love passion!!!) Akeem is currently on Sint Maarten and can be contacted via his facebook fan-page. He also does custom work (so contact him!! ) and you should also check out his clothing designs, some great stuff for the fashionista male who loves to express himself.  =) 

Akeem Adams Facebook Fanpage


MODEL: Akeem Adams | PAINT STYLIST : Suzannah Gito | PHOTO/LIGHT & POST PROCESSING: Sarina Gito

Nicole de Weever

August 2011, I got the amazing opportunity to shoot with Nicole de Weever, professional broadway dancer and role model. We were both recently in our hometown of Sint. Maarten but due to both of our busy schedules, we weren’t able to shoot while there. Nicole really wanted to shoot with me, and the feeling was mutual. So while on tour in Europe with the broadway show of FELA! on broadway, Nicole decided why not shoot in London. so we did. 

Here are some of the “Behind the Scenes” shots of our shoot in London and some of the results =)  enjoy !! feedback is welcomed. 

We wanted colourful.. laid back.. edgy... type of shoot.. because the weather wasn't too agreeable.. we decided not to venture too far out in london city. and the area we worked with worked out pretty good in the end. The day turned out to be quite fab.. lots of laughs.. and the weather at some point.. started to work with us.. we had a nice overcast soft light which worked so good with us.. and Nicole was enjoying that sunshine. Grey skies to sunshine while on a shoot. I love how the weather works with me  (i admit.. i secretly ask it to) =) One of my favourite shots thanks to the weather, you see here below. 


Nicole has always been a light in my life.. a fellow Sagittarius.. fellow Sint Maartener =) (and proud!) family.. friend.. and mentor.. I wish i could share the impact this woman has had on me since childhood and schooldays.. hehe.. but it'd be a novel not a blog. All i can say is .. I am grateful and blessed to be surrounded by such spirits .. these energies.. it is incredible.. my life has shaped itself.. and my mind has grown.. and i cannot say I would not have experienced that without people like this in my life.


Despite how tired Nicole was.. she pushed through, as she is known for doing. Always performing, always giving her all, no matter what. This to me .. is a true form of passion and heart. She did not complain during our shoot, she cooperated as a professional would and remained super graceful, as she worked those hands (above image) and gave me that 'oemf' i always ask for from my models/clients during shooting. 


She’s an amazing passionate talented and determined professional dancer, I’m blessed to have been able to spend some time with her and the cast while in London. I saw the show as well and words cannot express. breathtaking, magnificent, inspiring, provocative and thought provoking are the terms which come to mind. Nicole is now on tour with FELA in the US. Check the site to view the tour dates and be sure to not miss out. it’s so very worth it =) 


It was one of the most inspiring, educational.. unforgettable trips of my year in 2011. I can't begin to express what it meant to me and for me.. meeting everyone.. people whom I have shared thoughts and philosophies with.. and are still very good friends .. grateful and blessed.  (had to share that =)   Talu.. Barry... Francoise =) 


Photography/Art Direction/Retouching:  Sarina Gito MUA/Hair:  Françoise Herard  Assistance:  Ryan Rankine and Justin Prescott for help with wardrobe