A Different Venture ...

Being away from my full-time profession as photographer/retoucher due to circumstances beyond my control. I have been keeping busy with sketching, which led to creating these characters.  So I've been sharing a bit of this on my #instagram =) trying to 'record' so to speak, the creative process of beginning to end. I'm loving it. =) it's probably become the main reason i keep my #instagram account active. Follow me on Instagram.

I follow back ! unless u are the type to follow and unfollow. please don't do that. it's useless and my account is public. =) and i have the app. =)  

Sarina Gito Photography on INSTAGRAM

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Because of the feedback and recently, a demand for #customized characters, I've decided to create a space where i can showcase my creations, and make it possible for those of you who would purchase prints of my work OR donate a little something to keep it going. =) 

The website will be: (coming soon)

I'm nowhere near giving up my photography but i do intend and hope to continue this, as i enjoy it very much! it is literally therapeutic for me.. (except when i do it for hours on end and it results again just like editing.. in carpel tunnel) .. I ain't 22 anymore.. =) and proud =) me thinks. anyways .. again.. enjoy.. i'll be sharing more of this stuff soon. let me know what u think !!!! be honest.. but be kind.. i'm new to this.. and i'm no illustrator or artist in this sense.. this is just therapy for me.. and i fi can sell a few prints or whatever to help me fund my photography business and its starting again from scratch . then .. all good =)