I began writing this blog a while back ---> here and I never got around to finishing up my entire blog the way I wanted ( meaning.. add my full editorial story), which led to .. no posts ! The struggle is real. I finally found the inspiration and the time today (and I have my hard drives back in my possession!)


I believe my creativity will flow in ways i never knew, my first island shoot after 2 years will be this upcoming Saturday and Sunday... SO looking forward!!! 

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Team Credit:
Designer/MakeUp: Gina Malagodi | Model: Celine Verheij | and me ! =) 



Androgny !! w/ Model Stephan

 So a few months ago.....actually.. last year ! (time flies)  I was very much inspired  to do an androgynous shoot.. coincidentally (or not) i was around the same time.. contacted by Androgynous model Stephan Vermeulen of Androgyny Models in Enschede.. to do a shoot with him. I took this as a sign from the universe.. it had to be done. =) 
So i had about another few days to leave back to Sint Maarten and NYC.. and i wanted so bad to have this in my portfolio before NYC. and of course for my new website =) 

Sato (stylist) brought some really wicked stuff over.. exactly what i also had in mind for this shoot.. and Stephan drove all the way from Maastricht to be our model.  I did a quick research on some androgynous makeup.. male makeup etc .. and went at it.. it was my first time.. doing makeup on a guy but hells yes.. i love it.... 

1.5 hours later.. two outfit changes.... and we were done with our shoot. Total shoot time including prep, settling into shooting, and packing up.. : 2.5 hours. now that's how i love to do things.. quick shooting and getting what we set out to do . My doing makeup myself.. is saving me SO  MUCH SHOOT TIME (prep) .. I often question myself.. why have i ever bothered to work with dutch MUA'd.. they take WAY too long.. and when they are really good and fast.. they are way too expensive.. (for me that is since i am freelance without a side income.. ) to MUA's out there.. in holland that is.. no offense but seriously.. i don't know what they teach at makeup school but TIME on set is very very important. and i am mentioning this because this is how i feel. hate me or love me for it.. it's called honesty. maybe my honesty helps those of you out there to become better. this is what i hope by expressing myself aka not keeping it to myself. 

the next shoot will be a bit more complicated qua timing and styling.. but also .. something very different.. i think i already know what i want.. with the same team. =) Thanks for reading and enjoy ! 


Model: Stephan Vermeulen - ANDROGYN MODELS ||    Stylist: David Sato  ||   MUA/Photographer/PostProcess/Light:  Sarina Gito

Model: Stephan Vermeulen - ANDROGYN MODELS || 

Stylist: David Sato  || 

MUA/Photographer/PostProcess/Light:  Sarina Gito