Jasmina Lozar

Probably the friendliest most helpful warm hearted fellow animal lover I will ever meet.. Jasmina.. my slovene sistren =) Took this shot of her back in the day while on tour with Last Day Here & Dweal in Slovenia.. My first time in Ljubliana and Maribor (lord i need to find those pics to finally post ! ) I snapped this quickly and I remember I had to rest up in the hotel before driving to Zagrab, Croatia but instead of sleeping....I was too excited to show her the portrait I had taken.. (it's actually an edited version of a photo I took of the both of us at a CRAZY Metal Festival the night before in Nova Gorica. Thank you again Menno Kappe for the opportunity =)

Jasmina is not only a talented vocalist and experienced graphic designer, but she is also a dedicated and committed animal lover and rescues animals where she resides and she has just recently expanded her photography work in Slovenia, where she covers metal/rock bands (and does amazing at it ! )

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Italy : Villa De Este

Some images taken back in 2007 when My mom and I visited Italy. This is Villa de Este, beautiful botanical gardens and a rich history. All images taken with my trusty little 350D back in the day =) with my 18-55 lens. 

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