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Being away from my full-time profession as photographer/retoucher due to circumstances beyond my control. I have been keeping busy with sketching, which led to creating these characters.  So I've been sharing a bit of this on my #instagram =) trying to 'record' so to speak, the creative process of beginning to end. I'm loving it. =) it's probably become the main reason i keep my #instagram account active. Follow me on Instagram.

I follow back ! unless u are the type to follow and unfollow. please don't do that. it's useless and my account is public. =) and i have the app. =)  

Sarina Gito Photography on INSTAGRAM

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Because of the feedback and recently, a demand for #customized characters, I've decided to create a space where i can showcase my creations, and make it possible for those of you who would purchase prints of my work OR donate a little something to keep it going. =) 

The website will be: 
http://www.sosarinah.com (coming soon)

I'm nowhere near giving up my photography but i do intend and hope to continue this, as i enjoy it very much! it is literally therapeutic for me.. (except when i do it for hours on end and it results again just like editing.. in carpel tunnel) .. I ain't 22 anymore.. =) and proud =) me thinks. anyways .. again.. enjoy.. i'll be sharing more of this stuff soon. let me know what u think !!!! be honest.. but be kind.. i'm new to this.. and i'm no illustrator or artist in this sense.. this is just therapy for me.. and i fi can sell a few prints or whatever to help me fund my photography business and its starting again from scratch . then .. all good =) 

BloodStream #throwback

Here's a lovely little #throwback series from a shoot we did back in Amsterdam in 2012, my second shoot with the beautiful Shaeeza, one of my muses and a good friend, this girl is such a great model. I styled the shoot myself, while makeup was done by my favourite make up artists in Amsterdam Ms. Kielb. 

Feel free to share, give feedback and/or leave a comment, under this post. All images are copyrighted. Please do not use my images without my permission (more info)

Paint Me with Artist Akeem Adams

We had been wanting to do this for so long.. all the plans and stuff and finally we did it....We shot back in April...finally got around to posting it now. =) Akeem did a great job.... it wasn't easy standing with eyes closed, as he was tempted half the time to open his eyes..but he managed.. and managed well. =)  he's a trooper! =)  And Suzy... being careful to make sure the paint drips the way it should've hehe.. our "paint' director. and our poof creator..  #POOF


After being super careful with all that paint. As we progressed towards the end of our shoot, I decided i wanted something, messy and smudgy because I love how colours mix.. and Akeem being an artist (one who also works with paint) I thought it symbolic and representative of him to have this smeared over his body; a living canvas, if u will.  


I also wanted and felt the need to create something darker. (suprise surprise this is the direction i feel my work going towards) So i asked Akeem to shout for me.. the neighbours must have thought something crazy was going on in  =) but no other way to get a incredibly authentic look of screaming and turmoil other than asking your model/client to scream. As artists, it is as simple as us closing our eyes and picturing something which we love dearly and cannot have, or feeling hidden when we should be shared with the world, or caged when we have wings, or whatever experience(s) an artist goes through which enables him/her to cultivate their creativity/depth/inspirations...
I wanted to create this, to show that with beauty comes darkness; there comes what some would refer to as inner demons. Never suppress what you feel. and imagine that, if you do this kind of stuff, you can get great stock for black and white images =) 


The final image we chose from this series is seen here below.. For this shot we had to get the perfect "poof' ... =) to really get the effect I was going for, I combined 3 different shots and after some hours of brushing, this was what i was happy with. (and when Akeem saw it he was so happy!! i love that kind of reaction. It is why i do what i do and love what i do. =) and it embodies who he is as an artist and individual. *pats self on back*


Akeem Adams, is an incredible person, another character in my life. One of my biggest supporters, Akeem always mentions to me how he feels like i'm a celebrity, =) and i always laugh and say 'Aw Akeem.. and then i blush"  but he's also a very talented artist !! hence the paint shoot. His illustrations, painting and artworks are hauntingly beautiful; they "stay"with you. he uses his own style and vision within each piece and is very passionate about his work. (we love passion!!!) Akeem is currently on Sint Maarten and can be contacted via his facebook fan-page. He also does custom work (so contact him!! ) and you should also check out his clothing designs, some great stuff for the fashionista male who loves to express himself.  =) 

Akeem Adams Facebook Fanpage


MODEL: Akeem Adams | PAINT STYLIST : Suzannah Gito | PHOTO/LIGHT & POST PROCESSING: Sarina Gito