Sint Maarten Carnival 2019 50 Years of Celebration

50 years of Carnival Celebrations Day One

Thank you all who looked for me, stopped for me, formed groups for me.. thank u thank you .. !! prints are available.. =)

Early Bird Rates til May 9th =) 5$ per print and 20$ packages

Chef Westcott @ Emilio's St Maarten

Just a quick little shoot at the guest chef evening at Emilios Restaurant on Sint Maarten.
late post due to an obscene amount of work !!! ( i promise you, i am not complaining haha). Some shots from the guest chef evening at the beautiful and iconic @emiliossxm at the bottom of the @rainforestadventuresxm .
i was asked to shoot a few shots of the evening and happily i did ! The food at Emilios is amazing but of course with our very own Dino @dinojagtiani cheffin it up what else can we expect
The guest chef of the evening was Michaelangelo Westcott @chefwescott a brooklyn native with strong carib roots ... he is the owner and chef of the @gypsyapplebistro in MA. The evening was a lovely one. March 10th 2018 .

“i can make anything taste great’. yup. he can :) thank you for letting me intrude your kitchen and getting your portrait. much love !
and thank you Dino for always allowing me to run around with my camera (and for feeding me


I began writing this blog a while back ---> here and I never got around to finishing up my entire blog the way I wanted ( meaning.. add my full editorial story), which led to .. no posts ! The struggle is real. I finally found the inspiration and the time today (and I have my hard drives back in my possession!)


I believe my creativity will flow in ways i never knew, my first island shoot after 2 years will be this upcoming Saturday and Sunday... SO looking forward!!! 

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Team Credit:
Designer/MakeUp: Gina Malagodi | Model: Celine Verheij | and me ! =) 



Life in Mono (nature)


Fileaway Friday: Big Teeth !

Friday Files... =) gonna try to do some archiving thru my files on fridays.. just an hour a day.. to try to get through all of the back work i have .. from my personal stash. 
Time Management is one of the most difficult things to deal with , as a photographer and wife. but hey.. it's all part of the journey and story =) follow/subscribe to my blog for more of my personal stuff. 

This one was taken in the zoo in Amsterdam, years ago circa 2010. something about big teeth and scales. love it ! =) 

Throwback | One of the first shoots #tbt

Another #throwbackthursday blog post. These are some of the images from one of my first shoots in Amsterdam. The model did her own makeup and we figured out the styling together. A cold fun day outdoors and then later on , some quick test shots in the studio. I took away a very valuable learning experience.  =) circa 2008. Amsterdam.



Sweet Child 'o Mine

My first time shooting with model Annemarije, cool chick, music lover and superb model. 

Model: Annemarije H | MUA/Styling/Photo/Lighting & PP: Sarina Gito

BloodStream #throwback

Here's a lovely little #throwback series from a shoot we did back in Amsterdam in 2012, my second shoot with the beautiful Shaeeza, one of my muses and a good friend, this girl is such a great model. I styled the shoot myself, while makeup was done by my favourite make up artists in Amsterdam Ms. Kielb. 

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Blurry Visions #throwback

I took these between 2002 and 2006 with a tiny little compact cam from Olympus, which I still own (as i do all my cameras). I loved this camera because I knew exactly how to shake itup and experiment to get these blurry vision images. =) 

1. Red Dance The Greenhouse, Sint Maarten (2002)  | 2. Pink Metal Dancer, The Korsakoff, Amsterdam (2006)  | 3. Colleague Paul at Work, TheaterCompagnie Amsterdam (2004) | 4. Biker I. Rembrandtplein Amsterdam (2003) | 5. Biker II. Rembrandtplein Amsterdam (2003) | 6. Pretty Girl. Stratford Upon Avon, England (2005) | 7. Generations. Tate Museum, London (2005) | 8. ParkDaze. VondelPark, Amsterdam (2006) | 9. T. Raumschmiere. De Melkweg, Amsterdam (2004)

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Androgny !! w/ Model Stephan

 So a few months ago.....actually.. last year ! (time flies)  I was very much inspired  to do an androgynous shoot.. coincidentally (or not) i was around the same time.. contacted by Androgynous model Stephan Vermeulen of Androgyny Models in Enschede.. to do a shoot with him. I took this as a sign from the universe.. it had to be done. =) 
So i had about another few days to leave back to Sint Maarten and NYC.. and i wanted so bad to have this in my portfolio before NYC. and of course for my new website =) 

Sato (stylist) brought some really wicked stuff over.. exactly what i also had in mind for this shoot.. and Stephan drove all the way from Maastricht to be our model.  I did a quick research on some androgynous makeup.. male makeup etc .. and went at it.. it was my first time.. doing makeup on a guy but hells yes.. i love it.... 

1.5 hours later.. two outfit changes.... and we were done with our shoot. Total shoot time including prep, settling into shooting, and packing up.. : 2.5 hours. now that's how i love to do things.. quick shooting and getting what we set out to do . My doing makeup myself.. is saving me SO  MUCH SHOOT TIME (prep) .. I often question myself.. why have i ever bothered to work with dutch MUA'd.. they take WAY too long.. and when they are really good and fast.. they are way too expensive.. (for me that is since i am freelance without a side income.. ) to MUA's out there.. in holland that is.. no offense but seriously.. i don't know what they teach at makeup school but TIME on set is very very important. and i am mentioning this because this is how i feel. hate me or love me for it.. it's called honesty. maybe my honesty helps those of you out there to become better. this is what i hope by expressing myself aka not keeping it to myself. 

the next shoot will be a bit more complicated qua timing and styling.. but also .. something very different.. i think i already know what i want.. with the same team. =) Thanks for reading and enjoy ! 


Model: Stephan Vermeulen - ANDROGYN MODELS ||    Stylist: David Sato  ||   MUA/Photographer/PostProcess/Light:  Sarina Gito

Model: Stephan Vermeulen - ANDROGYN MODELS || 

Stylist: David Sato  || 

MUA/Photographer/PostProcess/Light:  Sarina Gito


Fun in my new studio =) finally a place of my own in Amsterdam. Looking forward to taking advantage of this new venture. =) Also... practicing my makeup skills. Quite happy with how it's coming along =)