Heineken Regatta 2012 - FBF

A throwback for FBF. Some shots I took during the regatta when i was hired to be Captain Morgan's (and his maids) personal photographer.  These are all from the different shows and pre-party events during the Annual Sint Maarten heineken regatta in 2012 in Philipsburg. The images are also to be seen on the Captain Morgan Sint Maarten facebook page, however, not sure how many have seen those images or if the page still exists considering the past when i opened my mouth about cockfighting on the island which is supported and organised by government members (the politrickians) (yeah sorry i won't ever shut up about it.you guys didn't shut me up. you insulted me but didn't break me. better luck next time ya'll !!! =) .... it's a dangerous thing when you are outspoken, stand up for animal rights on that island.. and sponsors are involved for their alcoholic events. *scoffs and laughs*  be creative !! but not opinionated and NEVER fight for the rights of those who have no voices .. right? lol.. right.. NOT!

ANYWAYS !!! So here ya go. It WAS always tons of fun at the Regatta especially with my Captain Morgan team. 

Prints Available. Contact info@sarinagito.com for more info. 

ALL IMAGES are copyrighted. do not use without my permission for ANY reason. Contact me first. I will most likely say yes. Thank you for respecting my profession and work.