Easytape shoot with Performer Carranzo

So this was a very last minute organized type of deal. Norman (of easy tape) asked me if i wanted to work with an American performer while on tour with Disney in Europe.. of course.. i love networking.. and i LOVE working with dancers/performers.. so i could not day no.. and the energy felt great so i knew it would be a nice match.

and i was right.. yay!

So i was hooked up with an amazing apartment in Amsterdam Oud Zuid (Old South of Amsterdam) .. with a rooftop view, a perfect location for our concept. and a nice little experience for our American friend Carranzo.. (not many people get to see the view of the rooftops in Amsterdam =) 

So despite the weather.. as it was very cold.. and rainy looking.. it remained dry for a bit until it began to rain.. but we got our shots in before and after. I had to shoot extra images to get the sky right.. since it was overcast.. i could get NO details in the actual moody sky.. so a lil tweaking on my cam settings and we had our background. 

The first image released is something i worked on for halloween (Samhain .. as i refer to it) i've attached a quick screenshot to show what i did to bring the image to life.. I honestly would love to work on it some more but.. maybe at a later stage.. as my workload is staring me in the face.. (i have such a great imagination..:P ) 

hope you like. feedback is welcomed. thank you for reading =) 


Team Credits:

Model/Performer/MakeUp: Carranzo  || Taping: Norman Noten || Assistance: Shaeeza Ramjiawan || Photography, Post Processing, Lighting: Sarina Gito (me)

we also had a shoot with an incredible professional model duo team.. Marcel and Melanie from Germany.. whom i was very happy to collab with. I love when models contact me from abroad and make an effort to come to me to be shot by me.. it's an incredibly inspiring feeling .. makes me proud.. and very happy to know that people are that supportive of my work. thank you. I will post a separate blog for their shoot.. it's quite HOT! haha.. erm but yes .. it is .. i cannot wait to share that ! =)