Italy : Villa De Este

Some images taken back in 2007 when My mom and I visited Italy. This is Villa de Este, beautiful botanical gardens and a rich history. All images taken with my trusty little 350D back in the day =) with my 18-55 lens. 

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Fileaway Friday: Big Teeth !

Friday Files... =) gonna try to do some archiving thru my files on fridays.. just an hour a day.. to try to get through all of the back work i have .. from my personal stash. 
Time Management is one of the most difficult things to deal with , as a photographer and wife. but hey.. it's all part of the journey and story =) follow/subscribe to my blog for more of my personal stuff. 

This one was taken in the zoo in Amsterdam, years ago circa 2010. something about big teeth and scales. love it ! =)