Nicole de Weever

August 2011, I got the amazing opportunity to shoot with Nicole de Weever, professional broadway dancer and role model. We were both recently in our hometown of Sint. Maarten but due to both of our busy schedules, we weren’t able to shoot while there. Nicole really wanted to shoot with me, and the feeling was mutual. So while on tour in Europe with the broadway show of FELA! on broadway, Nicole decided why not shoot in London. so we did. 

Here are some of the “Behind the Scenes” shots of our shoot in London and some of the results =)  enjoy !! feedback is welcomed. 

We wanted colourful.. laid back.. edgy... type of shoot.. because the weather wasn't too agreeable.. we decided not to venture too far out in london city. and the area we worked with worked out pretty good in the end. The day turned out to be quite fab.. lots of laughs.. and the weather at some point.. started to work with us.. we had a nice overcast soft light which worked so good with us.. and Nicole was enjoying that sunshine. Grey skies to sunshine while on a shoot. I love how the weather works with me  (i admit.. i secretly ask it to) =) One of my favourite shots thanks to the weather, you see here below. 


Nicole has always been a light in my life.. a fellow Sagittarius.. fellow Sint Maartener =) (and proud!) family.. friend.. and mentor.. I wish i could share the impact this woman has had on me since childhood and schooldays.. hehe.. but it'd be a novel not a blog. All i can say is .. I am grateful and blessed to be surrounded by such spirits .. these energies.. it is incredible.. my life has shaped itself.. and my mind has grown.. and i cannot say I would not have experienced that without people like this in my life.


Despite how tired Nicole was.. she pushed through, as she is known for doing. Always performing, always giving her all, no matter what. This to me .. is a true form of passion and heart. She did not complain during our shoot, she cooperated as a professional would and remained super graceful, as she worked those hands (above image) and gave me that 'oemf' i always ask for from my models/clients during shooting. 


She’s an amazing passionate talented and determined professional dancer, I’m blessed to have been able to spend some time with her and the cast while in London. I saw the show as well and words cannot express. breathtaking, magnificent, inspiring, provocative and thought provoking are the terms which come to mind. Nicole is now on tour with FELA in the US. Check the site to view the tour dates and be sure to not miss out. it’s so very worth it =) 


It was one of the most inspiring, educational.. unforgettable trips of my year in 2011. I can't begin to express what it meant to me and for me.. meeting everyone.. people whom I have shared thoughts and philosophies with.. and are still very good friends .. grateful and blessed.  (had to share that =)   Talu.. Barry... Francoise =) 


Photography/Art Direction/Retouching:  Sarina Gito MUA/Hair:  Françoise Herard  Assistance:  Ryan Rankine and Justin Prescott for help with wardrobe