Love in a time of Catastrophy

Because i had to .. and also because i am so tired of seeing all the damage and destruction.. yes our island is destroyed but not our core. =) our hibiscus and birambi trees are already blooming... little hopes and inspirations .. the stars are smiling too.. so in that interest..

i'm just gonna do my do.. and hope for the best .. and quick recovery for us all. =) even the jackspanjards.. (yes i been feeding them - they lost their homes too)

let's think about the positive .. about being humble.. about changing our attitudes and treatments of others.. not just humans but animals and environment.. as a people.. bc real talk.. the amnt of negativity (animal neglect abuse - environmental exploitation - hatred and envy ) these things fuel the BS. let us not add to fueling any BS ..

u with me? even if u skeptical.. or think this is some hippy talk.. no worries.. but .. just think abotu it..

.. just think about it.. there is a reason we experience pain and loss and suffering.. only via humility can we recognize and allow this pain to motivate growth and growth.. brings change.. positive change. unity.

no fear no hate be assertive for what we believe in and deserve.. no bending over without lube.. we need to come together to fight together...

THINK .. wake up.. go get a FREE (donated) bag of dog food and feed a stray.. repair your karma !!!!!!!! enjoy

Life in Mono (nature)


Mamma's Garden

When on the island, Sint Maarten, where i was born and raised (and left at 18) , there are several power outages by our 'beloved' electricity company. This interrupts and disadvantages many people like myself, who need electricity to work, of course it makes no sense to even bither get frustrated anymore. I've always known this to be something which happened on the island even when i lived there. 

Anyways... turn it into a positive !! What i do now.. is i go into my mothers garden and take pictures !! and it is perfect because 1. i love nature 2. i love macro photography 3. i love taking pics outdoors =) 

prints are available. Just hit me up with an email and let me know which ones u want. (file names under the images)