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Flora & Fauna photographed October 7th 2019 Sint Maarten Dutch Caribbean.

One rainy day, I decided to go out and get some shots of raindrops….of course I couldn’t avoid the fauna. Some I decided to treat in what I like to call mono (black & white).

Here’s an unexpected shot, unexpected because I hesitated before taking it, glad I did. I think it works as a squared shot.

I also love placing crystals into my plant spaces, here’s a shot of one of my many amethyst clusters, I love the dark purple, and some fauna from the pot beside it.

and then I came across this little guy, I also have a little video of him. I have never uploaded videos so we’re gonna try that this evening. Anyhoes, so I came across this guy and ugh.. so gorgeous, the details on a snail.. I always wanted to photograph one but I never have up until now. He/she was busy eating some variation of thyme, not sure. At some point, he stopped and looked up at me. .how cute. I love nature.

So, my upload on youtube succeeded, here is this guy having some lunch =) … sorry for the blurriness… haven’t tinkered with video in a very long time and I had no tripod. So I will surely be heading out and doing this again. Just waiting for rain..

I don’t as often take my cam out and shoot, but I felt the urge and i’m glad I did. I got wrapped up in life, as many of us do. We should all take a moment and stop and notice the little things, pachamama’s gifts, however great or small. =)

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Water Fun w/Carnival Delegates for Posh Productions

Last week I was asked to take part in a photo competition, winning prizes include being on the judges panel for Miss Photogenic for the carnival pageants (hosted by posh productions) on Sint Maarten.
I was informed that the delegates would arrive at the Walter Plantz Square in Philipsburg, then each introduce themselves, do their routine and then have their photos taken by participating photographers. I was pretty psyched for it.. delegates and water fun! at the new Walter Plantz Square (yes i just got back so for me it's 'new')

The little waterfalls go pretty high and the coloured lights are quite fun .. so I figured it would be interesting to get some pictures.

Low and behold, with all the preparation I took for this, packing my bag on time, getting proper sleep ! etc. I still magically managed to forget to bring my flash, charged my batteries and everything.. made sure I brushed up on using it.. and BAM.. forgot it !! This is when you're busy and got your hands full, like fostering 4 puppies, a kitten and taking care of a newborn (kitten people.. not baby just yet.. kitten! ) lol. (yeah I get quite busy and I'm not getting younger !) The struggle is real. :P but i love my photographer life. (most days) :P

So back to it...
It was too late to turn back to head home (hence why one should always leave 2 hours prior to any shoot !!) but anyways it was too late to turn back, so bummed.. but I figured I would show what I captured anyways. I did my best with the ambient light (available light) and figured out I still (since my concert shooting days.. I still .. dislike blue green and red lights :P #photogproblems

So here I am uploading images on a Monday, with sprained ankle (oh yeah that happened ! and ouch!) got my leg up, my Imac sideways, a kitten in my lap, my music blasting and my hubby at my beck and call lol.

I hope regardless of the proper lighting that I had envisioned and wanted, that i still managed to capture some of the fun dynamics which make images into memories. and good luck to the other photographers (who did bring their flashes). 
ya live ya learn right? or as I always say make do with what you have (and my baby - my camera, is still an incredible tool...flash or no flash ) I love my Canon =)  Thank you for visiting ! 

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A Different Venture ...

Being away from my full-time profession as photographer/retoucher due to circumstances beyond my control. I have been keeping busy with sketching, which led to creating these characters.  So I've been sharing a bit of this on my #instagram =) trying to 'record' so to speak, the creative process of beginning to end. I'm loving it. =) it's probably become the main reason i keep my #instagram account active. Follow me on Instagram.

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Sarina Gito Photography on INSTAGRAM

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Because of the feedback and recently, a demand for #customized characters, I've decided to create a space where i can showcase my creations, and make it possible for those of you who would purchase prints of my work OR donate a little something to keep it going. =) 

The website will be: (coming soon)

I'm nowhere near giving up my photography but i do intend and hope to continue this, as i enjoy it very much! it is literally therapeutic for me.. (except when i do it for hours on end and it results again just like editing.. in carpel tunnel) .. I ain't 22 anymore.. =) and proud =) me thinks. anyways .. again.. enjoy.. i'll be sharing more of this stuff soon. let me know what u think !!!! be honest.. but be kind.. i'm new to this.. and i'm no illustrator or artist in this sense.. this is just therapy for me.. and i fi can sell a few prints or whatever to help me fund my photography business and its starting again from scratch . then .. all good =) 

BloodStream #throwback

Here's a lovely little #throwback series from a shoot we did back in Amsterdam in 2012, my second shoot with the beautiful Shaeeza, one of my muses and a good friend, this girl is such a great model. I styled the shoot myself, while makeup was done by my favourite make up artists in Amsterdam Ms. Kielb. 

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Blurry Visions #throwback

I took these between 2002 and 2006 with a tiny little compact cam from Olympus, which I still own (as i do all my cameras). I loved this camera because I knew exactly how to shake itup and experiment to get these blurry vision images. =) 

1. Red Dance The Greenhouse, Sint Maarten (2002)  | 2. Pink Metal Dancer, The Korsakoff, Amsterdam (2006)  | 3. Colleague Paul at Work, TheaterCompagnie Amsterdam (2004) | 4. Biker I. Rembrandtplein Amsterdam (2003) | 5. Biker II. Rembrandtplein Amsterdam (2003) | 6. Pretty Girl. Stratford Upon Avon, England (2005) | 7. Generations. Tate Museum, London (2005) | 8. ParkDaze. VondelPark, Amsterdam (2006) | 9. T. Raumschmiere. De Melkweg, Amsterdam (2004)

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