Eunoia : Emilie .... love

I created this series.. this very personal and intimate genre i've entitled 'eunoia' ... which means.. 'beautiful thinking'

I have always been very passionate and outspoken, determined, driven, always inspired; even in my most darkest moments... i found a way to find light.

Recently, I was crushed by circumstances.. beyond and out of my control.. a tragedy.. shakespearian almost.. with a bronte twist.. that mundane.. gevoel/feeling ....that which has always maintained my melancholic nature. it all began rare and incredibly and ended in tragedy and chaos.. and resentment. hard love. magic filled. as quickly as it can rise , the quicker and heavier it falls. i held love high.. with the moon and stars.. so high that it became my universe.. but.....'you are your universe...' "belee dat" as my friend Sa'di would say and yes I use his quotes symbolically because through all that mess I am grateful to have a close connection with him out of al of this. Little blessings in the chaos and the dark. Always be the light even when in the dark.

so in all of that i lost a bit of myself and then i lost ALL of me.. i lashed out.. at him.. my friends.. family.. my closest friends..pushed everyone away. now i repair alone on earth that is. and yeah is what it is. we live. we make mistakes. we learn. such is life on earth. prepping us for what is to come.

enjoy my work.

emilie..thank u again for being absolutely you and helping me with this shoot, =) i needed this.