Light it Up

This was the first Light Parade on Sint Maarten I have experienced probably in .. over 15 years.. I think I saw my first when I was still in high school, so I was pretty interested to see what the buzz is about when it comes to the talked about Light Parade or as they say 'Lightening" Parade.. (it's so funny that the term 'lightening' is used.. makes me think that everyone is dancing or dressed up as clouds and lightening bolts (but they aren't)
Anyways.. these are just a few shots I managed to take, this being done on my own time, and from the comfort of our family home (and historical monument house) on the FrontStreet. It was a bit difficult to capture alot of what i really wanted , as the space was limited but also the FACT that as usual, there are 'the two-legged goats' what we refer to as the 'walk alongs' aka .. those who have already SEEN the parade and have deicded to 'walk alongside it' to convenient themselves when in actuality they are obstructing others from viewing it as well as blatantly insulting the revellers and those behind the troupe costumes and makeup and all those who work HARD to be SEEN. It really makes for some ugly viewing when we have so many '2 legged goats' walking along.. anyways.. this bish had to get a bit aggressive to get the shots she wanted.. because people will also just casually walk infront of my camera.. while I am taking a picture and people are obviously posing for me.
Year after year (for big parades or any parades) this is and has been an issue.. and yes it is difficult to control.. but so is anything we do and experience and are confronted by in life, what do we do. We find a way for a greater good right?

These are just some things to think about. and it gives me blogging material.. =P My apologies to anyone offended.. this is not meant to offend.. it is meant to point out things i observe as a photographer and born and raised sint maartener.. it is valid and is in my right. If you should not like it.. kudos to you.. but then don't visit and don't read but that probably means you a two legged goat .. and if not for me.. then for the people and the island.. think about what it is you get offended for. Improvement never hurt nobody and honesty is never there for insult.. it is there for awareness so that WE as a people , as an ISLAND can IMPROVE ....and that's all I have to say about that. When you see me taking a picture please be polite enough to respect the TIME being taken to get the shot. I try not to be in your way while I am shooting, so please return the courtesy #JustSayin

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