Light it Up

This was the first Light Parade on Sint Maarten I have experienced probably in .. over 15 years.. I think I saw my first when I was still in high school, so I was pretty interested to see what the buzz is about when it comes to the talked about Light Parade or as they say 'Lightening" Parade.. (it's so funny that the term 'lightening' is used.. makes me think that everyone is dancing or dressed up as clouds and lightening bolts (but they aren't) Anyways.. these are just a few shots I managed to take, this being done on my own time, and from the comfort of our family home (and historical monument house) on the FrontStreet.

Just a littlenote when it comes to .. my trying to work .. it seems as if people don't have photo courtesy.. in other words...i woukd really appreciate if when you see me taking a picture please be polite enough to respect the TIME being taken to get the shot. I try not to be in your way while I am shooting, so please return the courtesy #JustSayin (if when) hmm my english.. bleh.. anyhoes..

Prints ARE available. Proceeds will be going towards a lovely new piece of equipment which will help me create more beautiful and stunning images for all those who wish to hire me. =)

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Thanks for reading.. Enjoy the images.