SXMDoet 2016 Pt. 1

I heard/read about this initiative a while back. When I'd read on their facebook page that they were looking for volunteer photographers, i reacted right away (unsure if I would be available). It turns out that at the very last moment I ended up having a few hours which I could spare between my preplanned shoots. So I gathered myself with what was a VERY busy day and got some shots of the events. It was alot of fun and next year I hope to take part both days and offer alot more of my time, help and photo contribution =) Maybe I'll see you there

The Sint Maarten Zoo
National Institue of the Arts (NIA)
Raoul Illidge Sports Complex

Feel free take a moment to visit the SXMDOET website and find out how you can be part / volunteer/ donate (or even start your own SXMDoet project and become part of this wonderful event for the betterment of our little Sint Maarten; OUR home. "Together we achieve more"

#BeTheChange #SXMDoet #SintMaarten