C-dip be gone !!

having a rather bleh moment of creativity.. need some inspiration.. looks like i'm having my first big creative dip in a while... (for those who don't know me very well or are familiar with this term.. this is what i refer to as my down days of feeling not very motivated. my creative dip) 

anyhoes.... in the effort of shoo-ing this away...  i am calling friends.. (girlfriends) - but if the boy-friends wanna have a go at it.. u are more than welcome. 
i need to basically refresh my makeup skills.. and test some lighting situations out..  this is just for close friends. people i trust coming into our home. 

if you don't know me very well and would like to still help me out.. we can arrange something during the week between 10 and 4 or 6 pm in midtown. i have no transportation so it will be a matter of walking and discovering a shooting area =) (no worries.. i'm very good at that) 

contact me.  info@sarinagito.com

only serious reactions please. location: Tallahassee Florida. 

This is NOT a chance at a free shoot.