Shoot with me... NO CHARGE!! but spots are limited !

Back on SINT MAARTEN. interested in getting a chance to shoot with me? 

What am i offering before i leave again? some interesting shoots AT NO CHARGE!!! except for the boudoir stuff 

1. Boudoir specials starting at 200 USD.
2. Carnival project - no charge - you MUST be in possession of a costume. 
3. TFP STUDIO SHOOT - Newborns and babies (no charge) 
4. Male Models with specific features - contact for details with photos of yourself. 
5. Female Models for NUDE shoots - partial, implied and FULL. (dark/caucasian)
6. Cultural wear - Indian, Antillian, Russian etc
8. Female Models w/interesting bone structure (VERY DARK skinned) 
9. SISTERS !!! for group portraits (no charge) 
10. NEWLYWEDS - i need Wedding dresses ... please contact me if you would like to have a wedding session (post wedding). (outdoors)

these are all projects i am busy with... as an effort to develop some skills i have been studying up on, to offer those who may not be able to afford shooting with me.. a chance to shoot with me.... and... of course to work out some ideas i have in my head .. (they need OUT!!) 

so help me help you. 

PLEASE NOTE: this is NOT a chance for a free shoot. participants get a select number of images and MUST sign a model release. Shoots take place in MAY. during the week and especially on weekends. 

via FB fanpage (this page)
OR via