Atmosphere Tally: i-Exist, Last True Evil and Bobaflex

It's been a while since i did any concert, live shows/event photography and i've def missed it  
I'm happy to announce that I'm getting into this again since.. Tallahassee is filled with so many bands .. and they're all pretty damn good.  Would you like your band photographed? let me know. Requirements? I ask a small fee  (this can be based on donation)  to cover expenses + free entry.  contact me.

This shot is from last nights show at Atmosphere Tallywith bands I-ExistLast True Evil and Bobaflex

Gallery i-Exist Performance at Atmosphere Tally

It was pretty awesome seeing this band live for the first time, two men and two holograms, very creative. The atmosphere was pretty damn awesome, i love the vocals, lyrics and sound of this band. Reminds me of several bands i love but they have their own sound as well. Definitely something i recommend listening to. =)
Check them out on facebook fanpage,  Spotify or visit their website . 

The next band was pretty cool as well. Last True Evil. They were quite fun. Check them out on facebook here