Happy Birthday Nikki !!

As per usual.. November and December comes around and i get all excited because of the cold weather, the falling leaves, the season, pine cones, and all that good stuff. But especially since some of my favourite people make birthday at the end of the year .. including me. 

December 5th was my girl Nicole's birthday. I was so busy i didn't get to call or text or message .. sooo here ya go.. a whole blog post for you again.

I dug up some old photos we took from our shoot in London during your FELA tour back in 2011. Since I'm hardly ever around anymore physically for your birthday, I give pictures (have you noticed the yearly tradition? :p .  I hope you like. Love You Babe. 

Team Credits:

Photographer/PP: Sarina Gito ||  Model: Nicole De Weever || MUA: Francoise Dusty Herard || Styling: Justin Prescott || Assistance: Ryan Rankine

2011. London, England