The Invisible dress

So... I have waited for so long to be able to shoot with the gorgeous Celine Verheij in my neck of the woods.. Amsterdam. She is one of my favourite models from my hometown of Sint Maarten. Celine is currently visiting family here in the Netherlands (Leeuwaarden), so we decided to get together.. have a sleepover over at mine.. along with my awesome designer/stylist/makeup dabbler/model rookie friend Gina.. who also needed a model for her 'invisible dress'. When I showed her photos of Celine she was blown away. so Tuesday (July 09) and Wednesday (July 10) we shot with Celine.

Tuesday was .. awesome.. I can't imagine how many images of this shoot is online.. not now but I am sure something will pop up somewhere if people share the images on Facebook. We shot in the middle of Amsterdam city.. at the DAM square.. Gina's vision was one which included the overworked model in a big city. Wednesday was a bit of a downer because of the weather. I made Roti for breakfast :P and we ate.. shot some wicked sweaters (which I will tell you about soon enough) and did  some sets (I think 4 at least) in Amsterdam =) I will write a separate blog for that one. can't wait to share as usual.
I am still busy with my workload.. (I do this to myself.. by shooting and shooting and so on but as I always say...carpe diem..the only disadvantage is that a massive workload is built up.. ah well still sorting how to work around that issue.. ) I told myself.. actually i promised myself I would not shoot anything until the workload is through but when opportunities like this arise (shooting with Celine in Amsterdam in the summer).. I must take them. that and of course when clients come calling.. I run to them.

Anyways !! I will be posting a small preview today and some more behind the scene shots when I have posted more of the work.

so stay tuned !!  New image will be posted to facebook.  Follow Here