I absolutely adore

……that moment of vast enthusiasm when you are tired, lacking sleep, aware of busy days ahead.. and what you should do is go to bed.. but instead.. the adrenaline of wanting to “play” with what you’ve shot.. kicks in.. and kicks in hard.. so hard that the butterflies in your stomach have butterflies from excitement.

it is something i cannot explain completely but it is something i just .. always love.. i become so incredibly proud of myself and so motivated .. and creative dip after creative dip it drags you down BUT … it is these moments (butterflies having butterflies).. which resets my motivation.. allowing me to be greatly motivated again.

it is incredible. and this is what happens when you do what you love despite the struggle.. it is after all part of your story. 

I’ve had 3 shoots on wednesday. 6 looks. 3 models .  4 shoots on Friday. 10 looks. 5 models. 2 hours later it is all backed up, renamed, and archived ready for selects and edits. 

i’m so proud of myself. =)  ”Love what you do. Be what you do. I love what i do” =)   sneek peeks soon! Thanks for reading =)