A lover of light, colours and atmosphere.





Inspired by music, art and old souls. Sarina Gito is an autodidact published professional photographer and photo-retoucher originally from the Dutch West Indies. Specializing in Portraiture, Lifestyle and Fine Art Photography. Her signature work being her self portraiture and her eunoia themed shoots.

PATIENCE, PRACTICE, AND PASSION .. the three P's... has been Sarina's go to for inspiration and motivation since she first began with digital photography in 2003.

Equipped with an extensive background and hands on experience in both photography and photographic retouching, she uses these as tools to adding that special something to her work while still retaining the natural feel of each image, and being a natural empathic artist, she delivers every single time.

Sarina is available for hire.

Booking & Inquiries : info@sarinagito.com